Eggs for Coloring and more...

Yes this is a double post. It got posted here accidentally when
I was trying to put it on the family blog. But its food so its all
good right:)

Our last week with the kids here we decided we needed to color eggs
while everyone was here even though it was a week before easter.
Austin was back visiting on his way back to Cali for break, the kids
really love playing and chasing him around.
We had one and a half kids per teenager helping with the dyeing.
Hudson was very into it
Its serious stuff you know
The girls always want the pink and purple colors first
Everything's clean must have been before the dye got spilled
We made french toast on easter bread that was colored pink,
purple and yellow Max kept saying eewwww about it.
We also made pizza with eggs dropped on top then baked Its actually
very good. It was Ben's idea and know we always have to make one
like it every time. Jess calls it a breakfast pizza it has white sauce,
pesto, spinach, bacon bits, sundried tomatoes and you crack a couple
of eggs right on top before you bake it. Its Jess's favorite so it
must be good.

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