french bread in 5 minutes a day

6 1/2 cups of flour (can be part wheat)
3 cups water
1 1/2 TBL. yeast
1 TBL. salt

Bake 450 for 30 min

mix water yeast in bowl add 1 cup flour and salt then add the rest of the flour.
no need to use a mixer just mix in bowl with a wooden spoon you may need to
mix the last bit with your hands. Dough will be sticky, you also don't need to
knead the dough just mix and put a lid on it that doesn't fit tight (that just sits
on it) let the dough sit on the counter for 2 hrs. it will rise and then flatten out.
After the 2 hrs you can use it or store it in the refrigerator and use within 5 days.
(if you go over 2 hrs its ok it won't hurt it)
If your ready to use it dust the top of the dough with a handful of flour.
Take a chunk of dough about the size of a large grapefruit and quickly form a ball
by stretching the top over and tucking it in the bottom underneath. you may need a
little flour. I sit the ball on a pizza peel that is dusted with cornmeal or you can let
it raise on a cookie sheet with a little cornmeal. let it raise for 30-40 min about
double make a couple of slashes on top with a serrated knife right before put it in.
get your oven nice and hot and bake it for 30 min at 450 till light brown.

One more thing while the oven is heating up place a metal pan (I use the bottom of a
broiler pan) in the oven on the top rack so it gets nice and hot as soon as you put your bread in
quickly add 1 cup of water in the hot pan and shut the door to create steam. This helps make a crusty outside to the bread.

If you refrigerate it then dust the dough and take your chunk off and make your ball.
you need to let it rest on the counter a little longer because the dough is cold maybe
an hour.

So everyday you can take a chunk off and make a round loaf of bread or you can use it to make
a pizza just let the dough rest and warm up to room temp if cold then roll it out.

I usually double or triple the batch and use it all week I stick mine out in my addition room that is cold like a fridge in the winter.

good-luck its good and worth it.

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