Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with sweet potato

Since I have had a surplus of baby food these days-with Lila not eating as much as I anticipated. (she enjoys table food better, I don't blame her either) I've been trying to find ways to sneak it into our dinners, desserts...or just about whatever I can! I put a jar of creamed corn in our chicken noodle soup the other night. (you couldn't even tell!) I think it just made it have a richer flavor. Well I searched sweet potato cookie recipes on google and found a yummy chocolate chip oatmeal cookie with sweet potato. Aaron said they were some of the best cookies he's ever had! Because they stay moist, he hates hard cookies. So here is the recipe if you care to try them yourself. It calls for 1/4 cup of pureed sweet potato. In my case I just added 1 jar of baby food sweet potato, which is 4 oz., which is fairly close if not exactly 1/4 cup. Give them a try, you can't go wrong with cookies!

Holly and Lila enjoyed them. We ate about half the dozen before they could even cool off!
(Holly I think was sneaking Lila bites while I was putting more dough on the pan, cause when I came back she had chocolate all over her face:)

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  1. Heather--why don't you have your own blog?? This is Stacy Smith from the good ole 27th ward. This post is late so you probably won't even see this comment, but I wanted to find you (through Jeanette and Todd) and this was all I could find. Hope you're doing good. Your kids are cuties!! Where are you?? You can email me at stackysmith at gmail.